3D Origami

I was always told to try 3D origami, even though the steps to fold the modules of it were boring and time consuming. Then I actually wanted to try this style of origami. To keep me on the right path before giving up on this type of origami, I forced myself to do it. But instead of doing this origami by force, I decided it would make a great gift for upcoming Mother’s Day. I slowly realized how beautiful the origami was, even though it is made from one singl repeating module, and learned to appreciate 3D origami.

Origami by Metin Islam, Taken 2007 “3D Origami Swan” Photo: (CC0 1.0)

Action Origami!

Folded: Jo Nakashima, Picture: Sept. 20, 2012 (CC BY 3.0)  “Spring into Action” by Jeff Beynon 


Today I will be showing you yet another type of origami. This origami is called action origami, where the paper is manipulated to create an object that is animate or kinetic. Some tessellation origami can be action origami. The model shown here, neatly folded by Youtube origami artist Jo Nakashima, and designed by Jeff Beynon, accurately represents what an action origami model would look like. The model can extend outward like a spring (hence its name) and can squish inward into a collapsed form. There are many other types of action origami, and pop-up cards count as well.


Bulletproof Origami?



Shown above is the new possibilities for origami. At Brigham Young University, students are working on a sturdy,deployable bulletproof shield by using origami folds. A twelve layered bulletproof sheet is folded into a tessellation, and acts as a defense system for police. This is how origami can be applied to real life. The fold can currently stop gun shots, and is still being tested, because it recently came out on Feburary 15th of 2017, five days from now. Origami can be used for many things, such as gifts, for a satellite, or fora shield such as this. Hopefully origami can provide new innovative technology that we can use in our everyday lives.