Modular Origami

Folded by Daniel Sancho  Picture: Taken on May 23, 2014 (CC BY 2.0)

Today I will be showcasing another variation in origami. Modular origami, or unit origami, is focused on creating a complex shape by repeating origami folds through at least ten units. Looking at this modular tessellation made by Daniel Sancho, we can assume it is very time consuming. This is one variation of origami that I normally do not like to do because you have to fold the same shape over and over as well as connect the units together which is a pain.

Modular origami is seen mostly in paper shades for lamps as a special decoration, but another useful application of it is in compact satellites for space that are still being designed today. So, if you have the patience to try this type of origami, it is very rewarding when complete, and amazing as a piece of art to gaze upon.



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