Praying Mantis


Emre Ayaroglu Photo: August 30, 2008 (CC BY 2.0) Model designed by Robert J. Lang

Today I will be showcasing yet another model created by Robert J. Lang, because his models are so lifelike. I have the chosen in my opinion the best representation of his model, folded by Flickr folder Emre Ayaroglu. This model was made from treated tissue paper. Treated tissue paper in origami is usually two layers of tissue paper folded together for a light and sharp folding and shaping consistency, or even tissue foil, which is a layer of aluminum foil “sandwhiched” in between two layers of tissue paper. Origami requires tissue paper because of it’s ability to shape with ease, giving structures the “lifelike” feel. There are many papers that are used for many situations, and it is up to the origami artist to decide what kind to use.


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