The Fiery Dragon


Shown here is the model I have fold over 300 times, whether it was to give as a gift, for a birthday party, for selling, or when I was bored; the Fiery Dragon, by Kade Chan. The Fiery Dragon I started folding when I was 8 years old, and I never tried complex origami at the time, and this one was a new creation. I continued to fold it,(Origami takes a lot of patience.) and I eventually got to perfect the dragon and all of its vibrant details. Folding the Fiery Dragon will cost you a lot of time. It will take you hours until you’ve gotten used to it, thirty minutes. It might surprise you that this dragon is made from only one square sheet of paper, no cuts or glue. The model is the reason I got into complex origami, and this model is now easier then other origami models I am creating now. I probably can showcase my version of this model in at least a week or so, given that I have time to fold it.


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